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Bird bagger

Semi-automatic whole bird bagger. A simple, but very efficient and practical machine to bag your birds.

  • The bird bagger is a single, pneumatically driven machine to bag birds;
  • it can be expanded to a complete packing section, as multiple bagging machines can be installed on a sturdy stainless steel frame;
  • each frame can be tailored to your specific needs for spacing, number of machines and dimensions;
  • the baggers are light-weight, can be folded in to create space or slided sideways for optimal positioning in front of various drop-off stations and are easy to clean;
  • bags are automatically opened by an air blower, while a funnel keeps the bags open, allowing for a smooth operation;
  • economical: uses just 10 (nominal) liters of air per bird. Other bagging machines require more air and thus a larger compressor;
  • which will enable a skilled operator to bag up to 700 birds per hour with a single machine!

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Bird bagger
Datos técnicos
Weight: 25 kg
Brand: Drobtech
Capacity:up to 700 bph
Type: Bird bagger
Year: Build to order