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Linea semi automatica 500 - 2000 a/h

Arrival Area
The crates with broilers are transported to the hanging area, where the broilers are hung in the
shackles on the overhead conveyor. One person can hang approximately 1.000 birds per hour (bph).
Killing & Defeathering Area
After hanging the birds, they will be transported to the electrical waterbath stunner to tranquilize the
birds before killing either by hand (HALAL) or by an automatic killer. In case of HALAL processing, a
stunner may be left out, although most of the Halal processors do use a stunner.
The blood is collected in a bleeding trough. Bleeding time is approx. 120 to 150 seconds. Prior to defeathering
(or plucking), the birds are immersed in a scalding tank, which features strong agitation
pumps to ensure that the birds are always drawn downwards. Depending on whether the final product
is fresh or frozen, the birds can be scalded at a temperature of 52 degrees Celsius for 3.25 minutes
(for fresh products) or at 60 - 62 degrees Celsius for 2 - 2.5 minutes (for frozen products).
After the scalding tank, the birds will go through an automatic de-feathering machine. This machine
consists of 2 or 3 opposing rows with rotating discs with rubber picking fingers, which gently, but
efficiently, remove the feathers. An automatic head-remover or a person with a pneumatic neckcutter
or a knife will remove the head.

Evisceration Area
In a separate evisceration area, the vents are first removed with a ventcutting pistol. Opening is done
with the use of a knife. Now several persons will use an eviscerating spoon to remove the instestines,
gizzard, heart and liver. At the evisceration trough, the heart, liver and gizzard are separated from the
instestines for further cleaning.
The gizzards will be moved to an inspection table, where the gizzard lining will be removed without a
set of rolling peelers. The remaining lungs will be removed with a lung-sucking pistol, which runs on
vacuum. After this process, the birds continue through a birdwasher, which sprays the outside of the
bird with clean water.

Evisceration tools:

  • Vent cutting pistol (pneumatic)
  • Opening knife
  • Evisceration fork
  • Lung pistol
  • Inside washer
  • Neck/hock scissors (pneumaic)
  • Sharpening steel

Chilling, Weighing, Packing & Refrigeration
In the Chilling Area, the birds will be chilled down from 37 degrees to approx. 4 degrees Celsius. This
is to pro-long the shelf-live of the product. A coldwater aggregate and /or ice making machine in
combination with the screwchiller is necessary to obtain these outlet temperature(s). After chilling, the
birds can be weighed manually or automatically in different weight classes, before they are either
packed in crates or individual plastic bags. Packing is done manually with packing funnels or with a
semi-automatic bird bagging machine. The final product can then be frozen in a blastfreezer at -40
degrees Celsius and stored in a cold store with a temperature of -20 degrees Celsius, or it can be
transported directly to the market in refrigeration trucks. Offal and watertreatment facilities will take
care of any environmental regulations.

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Linea semi automatica 500 - 2000 a/h
Datos técnicos
Type: Linea semi automatica 500 - 3000 a/h
Capacity:up to 500/1000/1500/2000/3000 bph
Year: Build to order