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Linco killing knife Halal

The Linco/Baader automatic killing machine is specially developed to ensure a clean center cut in the front of the neck and is therefore aplcable for Halal killing. The machine has an auger to feed the heads of the birds through the rotating cutting blade at a constant speed, ensuring each and every bird to be cut in the same correct way. This auger has a variable speed drive, so it can be set to different line speeds and shackle distances.

Power capacity 0.75 + 0.37kW

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Linco killing knife Halal
Datos técnicos
Weight: 200 kg
Brand: Linco/Baader
Size : 115x96x106cm
Capacity:up to 9000 bph
Type: 054-20 H1
Year: 2014
Linco killing knife Halal