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Abridora de abdomen


The bird is, while hanging in the shackle with the back towards the machine , guided
through the machine, whereby the guidance take care of a correct positioning of the
shackle and the bird.
Once in the machine a so called “slide unit with bracket” grasps the bird and moves
the bracket between the bird’s legs, where after the bracket is pushed, by a spring,
onto the bird.
At the bottom of the unit a divided ball has been attached that also enters the opening,
where after the pivotable part is moved to the outside by means of the curve. Since
the front part of this ball has been equiped with a knife, the skin will be carved..
With this linking movement the intestines are forced down by the divided ball. Mind
that the ball will not be closed entirely so that the intestines are not severed, as a result
of which cross contimination virtually does not occur.
After each cycle the unit is sprayed with water.

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Abridora de abdomen
Datos técnicos
Capacity:up to 6000 bph
Direction: CCW / CW
Weight: 400 kg
Year: Build to order