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Extractora de buche


The purpose of the cropping machine is to remove the crop, the windpipe
(trachea), the gullet (oesophagus) and the thyroid gland from the bird. The cropping
machine is usually located upstream of the neck breaker.
The machine is driven by the suspended conveyor. The birds are guided through the
machine hanging vertically by the legs with their breasts facing the centre of the
machine. The circulation guide and the positioning unit make sure that the bird is fixed
into the machine.
There is a curve line cut into the drill unit curve. The drill unit is moved downwards by
means of a roller which is guided into the curve line at the back of the drill unit. The
drill rotates when the drill unit is moving.

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Extractora de buche
Datos técnicos
Capacity:up to 6000 bph
Direction: CCW / CW
Weight: 500 kg
Year: Build to order